The Beauty of Simplicity

The simplest way to save emails from Outlook to SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive and vice versa

Working from Outlook

Most emails and documents to and from the company go through Outlook. We made it super easy to save any email or attachment to Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive without any need of configuration – it just works. After saving the email it is clearly tagged, so you can see that the email is saved and even more important, you have a direct link to the location where it is saved.

When composing new emails, you have the same super easy way of attaching documents from Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive. The attachments can either be as links or documents which can be converted to PDF on the fly.

Duplicate checking

Duplicate email/document checking, so you don’t overwrite existing document without knowing.

Rename  before saving

Rename any document before saving

New folders and channels

Create new folders and channels on the fly when saving to Tams, SharePoint and OneDrive.


Add any locations as favorites with one click so it’s easy to access next time you want to save.

Intelligent search

Find you save location by start typing in the search field – that’s easy and simple.

Email is tagged

The Outlook email is tagged so you can see where it’s saved and have a direct link to the save location.

Attach to new mails

Add existing document from Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive when composing new mails. Documents can be converted to PDF on the fly.

Any device and platform

The Axpoint SmartOffice Add-In is supported on Window, macOS, iOS, Android and any modern webbrowser.

Centrally deployed in seconds

The Axpoint SmartOffice Add-In is centralized deploy through the Office Admin Portal.